Maruti Associates

Why Maruti Associates?

More than a private bank

Maruti Associates (MA) is one of most prominent global Advisory firms serving middle-market companies all over the world. The MA's 40 Associates combine decades of experience in financial and fundraising services for small and medium sized enterprises, with a proven track record for innovative and best financial solutions that deliver superior results for our clients for the last 17 Years . We believe in a client-focused and relationship-driven approach. With clear vision, strategic management and strong delivery capability, we aim to deliver strong results for our clients.

Our primarily client targets are small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and we aim to provide them with innovative financial and fundraising solutions and market-entry strategies to help them access capital needed to achieve full growth potential.

Let Us Help You

Our Clients...

We provide a variety financial services to our client from different sectors for newly formed company partnership , proprietor's concerns , Individual , Startup , Running units , Traders etc we manage all types of strategies with a variety of investors , including institutional clients, high net worth individuals, pension funds, private funds, banks, family offices and Non traditional sources.


What makes us different?


Our clients are our greatest resource. Our understanding of the industry flows from industry experience as well as working with our clients to understand the needs of the industry.


With over 17 years of experience in the investment industry and over 150 clients, Maruti Associates has unparalleled insight into the operations of managers and the prevailing trends in the industry.


At the vanguard of meeting the needs of the investment management industry, Maruti Associates has consistently developed services that allow our clients to meet their evolving due diligence requirements.