Since 2001, Maruti Associates (MA) has been a leading service provider for importers and exporters worldwide, offering collateral-free trade instruments. With a network of 60 associates spanning the globe, we have an impeccable 22-year track record of delivering the best trade financial solutions to our clients.

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Import Financing

Unlock financial possibilities with Maruti Associates' tailored import financing solutions. We assist clients facing various circumstances, from credit score limitations to high debt ratios and collateral inadequacy. Our prime bank instruments, including Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), and Bank Guarantee (BG), provide economic guarantees for international trade transactions. With our multi-currency acceptance, we minimize costs and exchange losses. Let us empower your business and ensure smooth transactions with our comprehensive import financing services

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Export Factoring

Experience seamless export factoring with our tailored services, ensuring timely execution and uninterrupted business operations. From apparel to FMCG and goods, we cater to diverse industries, providing customized solutions to meet your specific needs. By choosing our export factoring, you can enjoy benefits such as stable cash flows, protection against bad debts, and streamlined collections across trade transactions.

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Guarantee For Contractors

Maruti Associates offers tailored transaction structuring services without collateral, ensuring each deal's unique requirements are met. With our bank guarantees, including performance guarantees, financial guarantees, bid bond guarantees, advance payment guarantees, and deferred payment guarantees, we provide effective solutions for securing payment and performance obligations. Our institution partners with A-rated banks, offering comprehensive guarantee options to support your business ventures.

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