Import Finance

Trade transactions can be complex. To structure these, one needs to have a creative and flexible approach to adapt to the volatility of global markets.

The services provided by Maruti Associates can help you structure your trade transactions that are tailored to the specifics of each deal without collaterals, thus leveraging your valuable resources

Each instrument is tailored to suit the requirements of each transaction. We have Prime and non Prime Banks in place . Till now we have delivered 100 instruments and counting across 60 countries that include services across:
1. Documentary Letter Of Credit (DLC / LC Sight )
2. USANCE Letter of Credit (Deferred LC)
3. Revolving Letters of Credit
4. Back-to-Back Letter of Credit – letter of credit issued by reliance on an incoming letter of credit to hide the identity of your supplier or manufacturer.
5. Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) ( We have prime bank SBLC which are rare in the arena )
6. Bank guarantee (We have prime bank BG which are rare in the arena)

Maruti Associates can also facilitate the payment services of corresponding fees via the service of which carry an additional charge .

We are in position to accept all the Major currency , which reduces the cost and saves in exchange losses.